Wednesday, February 28, 2007

TOC'07 (con't)

The pro riders. It's amazing what these guys can really do until you see them in action. They are really small and skinny in person, especially the climbers (130-140 lbs). Their "clydesdale" weighs 165 lbs (my weight). Sprinters like McEwen weigh in at 145 lbs. I guess i just have to lose that weight even if it's just 5 lbs. I'm sure the real solution is to just get out there and ride, flats and/or hills. The more I ride, the stronger I'll get. Makes sense (in the head, not so much in the legs).

Big George! He's becoming one of my favorite pro rider. Mainly a domestique but a sprinter that can climb.

Danielsen is tiny! I guess that's why he can climb.


I recognized (from ) one of the health net riders (not this guy) that came from Britain. But yelled out "Christian House". Later i checked out the roster, and it was Russell Downing. No wonder he didn't respond. My bad!!

Thor dropping down the hammer.

Too fast. can't tell who.

That hill was steeeeeeppp.

Even support riders were fast.

Anthony McCrossen from
great guy! talked to me for a few minutes.


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