Wednesday, July 26, 2006

TDF over, now what?

Floyd Landis Wins !!! Though it didn't have the calibre of Lance, and Jan and Basso, this year's TDF was still pretty exciting. It's amazing that these guys are humans and are really riding 120miles a day for 3 weeks at race pace. A lot of these pros spend too much time away from their families for training and racing. Is it worth it?...for me, no. I guess that's why i'm not a pro cyclist. But it's fun to play one. Now that it's over, there is really nothing to watch on tv! It's a little hard to play w/ the kids when it's 100+ degrees all week. Gretchen did get Maya a bicycle at a yard sale for $5. score! the training wheels cost more at $7. Maya loves to ride it, though a little big for her at this point.
When Maya was 6mo old, we took a european trip with our friends (James and May and 3mo old Josh). We toured these same Champs Elysees street on a bus. Very cool to say, "Yeah, been there!" We'd love to go back when the kids are older. Yeh, that's what my mom said about going back to the Philippines. It's been over 20 years now.

oh well, 'til next time,
play hard!


Blogger Heather said...

hey prego!! Hey I just read that after that guy won he failed his drug test....nice!

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