Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back on the saddle Apr07

After a long hiatus, and our third baby born in mar07, I started to ride again. I've been riding solo just once a week for maybe 25mi or less. So riding in a group ride was a little nerve racking. I rode our weekly monday night ride and it took a little while to get used to riding so close to others. There were about 60-70 riders, a bunch of new faces too, so was cautious and just sitting in the back. By next week's ride, i was more confident and can work with the group, though still not up to my fitness.

I decided to ride the saturday River Ride ( fastest ride in the area), though it's been 3 months since i rode this and there was a 15men crash on that ride. Every once in a while, the pros show up. Mike Sayers from Team BMC was there(sometimes Chris Horner too), and so this ride was extra fast! 28-30mph throughout the whole ride! I found myself last, but I would not give up and drop off. Everyone was commenting on the same! Well, I made it back in one piece. The skills come back pretty quick, it's the fitness that needs time.

The hills are next, just need to get out there.


Blogger Heather said...

Way to go not dropping off!! you should be proud of yourselflf. Ug hills i think that would be the worst.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Hey, nice bike, I have the same frame! Looks like Vellum is slowly starting to make a name for itself here in the States.

7:19 PM  

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