Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hello again

Wow, it's been quite a while. I don't even know if anyone looks at this blog, but it's my venue for my interests and hobbies. So provide comments(possitive please) if you want.
My cycling is fairly steady. Not real dedicated. I'm still riding the weekly fast and furious group rides(crash last week, ugh), but nothing more than 40miles. So endurance is lacking. I'm even considering selling one of my bikes to get funds for my other (expensive) hobby, photography. I'd like the Canon Digetal Rebel XTi. My film camera is getting pricey to develop. Check out my photo gallery!!

Anyway, onto my original hobby, guitar. I started in high school at age 14, listening to Metallica and Rush. I'm a metalhead at heart. Played in HS, garage and college bands. I ventured into jazz and played in a very talented jazz band fro 2 yrs, but never really went anywhere. Then went on a hiatus for 4 yrs (enter cycling). Then finally dusted off the guitar and amp. Amazing that it still plays! My gear is a Fender Strat "Big Apple" and a Mesa Boogie Mark IV amp. I can't let these babies go to waste.

Check these videos out. A little crazy, but they inspire me to play again!
Michael Angelo Batio
Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo
Hybrid Techniques Guitar Fusion
Hybrid Technique #1
Greg Howe

that's it for now.