Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Self Portrait Tues: Suffer Fest

Would you pay money to endure pain as long as you can? Kinda odd, but that's what racers do. $25-30 entry fee, and if I miss the pre-registration deadline, add another $5. There are some prize money, but that's for the top 3 winners. So unless I'm in top form and feel like i can win a race, i'm basically giving money away. I'm sure the wife doesn't like that. My best finish is 28th of 42, which is ok and just finishing with the pack. My worst is being pulled off the course after only 15min of a 60min race, feeling my heart and lungs in my throat (including my liver and spleen). So there is some progress in my condition that i'm finishing and not pushed to the limit in such a short time.
On this picture, it's hard to tell from this angle but we're actually going up a 12% grade hill for 1 mile. That's steep (for us cat 5 racers)! It flattens out a little, but then there are more hills after. This is where the best cyclist separate themselves from the rest (look at Lance). I have always been a sprinter and like the short flat bursts of speeds, so we are suffering up this hill. It does raise my confidence when i pass someone up that hill, tells me i'm improving. But the same goes the other way when i'm the one being passed, then there goes my confidence. Sometimes i'm thinking "why the heck am i doing this? why am i being passed? why are my legs cramping? did i really pay money for this?..." Then i get over the hill and fly down at 45mph, pass the same guys that passed me, cross the finish line, high-five my teammates, check my placement, eat a big post race meal with the team and talk about our races, call the wife and tell her how i raced, come home and see my wife and kids run to me yelling..Daddy!! Daddy!! Was it worth the pain?........

.....the check is in the mail (for the next race).

"ride to work, work to eat, eat to ride, ride to work" -jl

Friday, May 26, 2006

9 years and counting

We've passed the 7 yr itch! Wasn't a problem, really. Every year, we still learn a lot about each other. I think one of the coolest aspects of being married this long is that we finish each other's sentences and thoughts. We even look at the same things on the road while driving in the car (gets me in trouble sometimes, heh). I guess that's why old couples don't seem to talk at all, because they're reading each other's minds. We can definitely know when we're in tune, because we won't fight as much, or be as irritable with each other or with the kids.

We'll save the big trip next year for our 10 year anniversary, maybe to Hawaii or a Carribean cruise. We had a great time in our 5 year Ensonada/Catalina cruise, but too much rain and not enough spending money. So this year, Reno was it. It was nice to not have the kids there and have some quality time together. But then, looking in the rear view mirror of the car and not seeing their cute smiles felt a little empty. (only for a little bit. this was our time alone)


a day later, we were home, and things were back to normal....whatever that is.

we had a great time though,
luv ya babe!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: Friends

Here is my first attempt at writing something other than just cycling, following the format of other blogs that I've seen. This is also on behalf of my wife (until she can get a chance to get on the blog board).

My wife, Gretchen (left) and Heather have known each other for probably over 10yrs, but have been better friends in the last 5-7 yrs. We have known John and Heather when they were single, married and now with children (1,2 and now 3). Throughout these years, we
ve always had them on our hearts and try to be better friends to them, but life happens (church, issues, family, kids) and we all get caught up in our own world. Four or five years ago, we picked two couples that we really wanted to be friends with, and it's been good. Of course, it's hard work and lots of time, but it's worth it. As the saying goes, "You get what you put in". We still need to put in a little-a lot more. As far as Gretchen and Heather, they have a good relationship. Both with kids (boy and girl..for now), housewives, and great husbands :-) I think it can be better, but it's hard because of the same reasons.

The Kempers. We'd really like to reel them in. The same goes for them as the Hannons and the Dahls. We've known them for the same amount of time, but same reasons keep us from really going after it..life. That sounds pretty lame, though. We just get too comfortable in our marraige and too lazy to go after anyone else because it's hard work. So, we'll repent and make more effort. I'm grateful that these friends know how to get deeper in our relationships (thru the Bible).

Until next time,
Ride'm if ya got'm

Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm back!!

The long awaited,... much anticipated,... often replicated,... never duplicated,... AsianArnold Blog is back!! It's been since Christmas time since my last post, so this one might be long. I will try to update a lot more often. Lots of action going on in the Lancero family. But then, i've been really lazy about anything computer related stuff. I've forgotten much of the tricks in blogging. My wife also wants to chime in on the blog world, so there might be a blog just for the Lanceros, and i'll keep the AsianArnold blog for cycling (not that anyone really looks at it). Blogging is a great outlet, and I'd like my wife to get her outlet about family, kids, spouse, hobbies, and anything else she wants. Feedbacks are very encouraging, especially when you get lots of them, right Heather!?

So, to start off, we are settleling into our new home. We moved in Oct'05 and there's been lots of hard work, mostly on the yard. It is only by the grace of God that we are in this house. It literally was dropped on our laps and we got our hearts' desire. We were too far down on the list to get any house, and prices were out of reach. But another buyer pulled out and we were #9 on the list, so the house had to be offered to 8 others before us and no takers. Then we got the call. There ya go, the grace of God in action. Now, we feel grateful and want to use the house to give back, like dinners, hospitalities, parties, neighbors... We currently have a family of 5 living with us for 4 months until they move out of state. So, this is a big chapter in the Lancero's book of life.

The Backyard. "Back" is right! like "break your back" yard. Our budget for the yard was fairly low and some of the quotes ranged from $6k-$40k. Who's got that kind of money in your back pocket. So we took a bold move and did it ourselved! During the winter rains! Can you say "mud"? Lots of musclework and friends' advice and help. But it was all very worth it. Especially now when the temperatures are in the 90's. All this work is forgotten when our kids' eyes light up whenever they go in the backyard and play. There are still some minor work to do, but seems simple compared to what we had to do. Thanks to Steve, Emo, and most of all, my wife Gretchen. You're the best, babe!



"Let the Wild Rumpus Start!"

until next time!