Monday, July 31, 2006

Minden Road Race/Crit '06

Same as last year's Minden race with pretty much the same results. Just as hard, maybe harder with windy weather conditions. The hills were just as hard, though I did climb better than some riders, i guess that's progress. At least I didn't finish last or drop out on the road race (finished 38/50). The crit was so fast! with Pro/1/2 riders in my age group. Once again, i only lasted 6 laps, 15min/60min, 32mph max, and a bruised ego. I would've liked to hang on a little longer, but once you're in the back, that's it. Oh well, time to recover. Just training rides for the rest of the racing season. I'll race again in Jan'07.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

TDF over, now what?

Floyd Landis Wins !!! Though it didn't have the calibre of Lance, and Jan and Basso, this year's TDF was still pretty exciting. It's amazing that these guys are humans and are really riding 120miles a day for 3 weeks at race pace. A lot of these pros spend too much time away from their families for training and racing. Is it worth it?...for me, no. I guess that's why i'm not a pro cyclist. But it's fun to play one. Now that it's over, there is really nothing to watch on tv! It's a little hard to play w/ the kids when it's 100+ degrees all week. Gretchen did get Maya a bicycle at a yard sale for $5. score! the training wheels cost more at $7. Maya loves to ride it, though a little big for her at this point.
When Maya was 6mo old, we took a european trip with our friends (James and May and 3mo old Josh). We toured these same Champs Elysees street on a bus. Very cool to say, "Yeah, been there!" We'd love to go back when the kids are older. Yeh, that's what my mom said about going back to the Philippines. It's been over 20 years now.

oh well, 'til next time,
play hard!

Friday, July 14, 2006

July 4th '06 Davis Crit

Last year, 2005, this was my very first race. It was a really hard and fast with lots of turns. I didn't last very long, only 6/25 laps in 15/60min. Too many strong riders. This year, i decided not to race this one. Too many crashes, turns, riders, hot, and so on. I enjoyed it just watching. We had only 2 of my teammates race, and they were dropped quickly. Maybe next year.

I'm still training, but not quite as much. Our big race is in the end of july in Carson City NV. It will be difficult at 5000ft elevation. I just want to do better this year than last year. I'm in better condition and better equipment. Good luck to me.

Until next time, keep riding.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Glued to OLN-TDF06

Even though the big names (Ulrich and Basso) that's supposed to replace Lance have been banned from participatingin this year's TDF, it's still been fairly exciting in the begining stages. It's the sprinter's stages and the usual sprinters are all gunning for it. It's amazing that they can go speeds at 45mph and inches (or cm) from each other, but with complete control. There are crashes though. I've been off for 3 days and it's been nice to wake up with the family and watch tdf.

My pick for the sprinters is Tom Boonen, but he's been coming in 2nd each time. As for the overall winner, I'm going with an american, Floydd, Levi or George.

We'll see.